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Little Teeth is the union of three strange souls whose mystical convergence has bred their only faith.

It started in the suburbs of Stockton, CA 1982; Dannie Murrie is born. Being the daughter of a singer/composer/pianist and accordion player, she was taught from a very young age to fire back at life's blows with the cannon of her voice.

After moving to San Francisco, she found cellist and wife, Sofia Bell. Sofia, who studied creative writing in college, grew up in Oakland under the influence of her father, an abstract oil painter who encouraged her sometimes dangerously excessive poetic outbursts. When Sofia met Dannie, she found the music to that which she had never been able to find the words. They found in each other a strength that fortifies both their personal and musical relationship. Their individual and shared experience of truth is evident in both the recordings and live experience of Little Teeth.

A mix of fate and happy coincidence brought Sean Real into the fold after he saw Dannie and Sofia performing as their side project, Kitchen. He offered his hands, they took his heart. Sean, Sofia and Dannie clicked uncannily and their shared aesthetic of art, truth, love, and invention soon led to the three collaborating as Little Teeth.

Their very original music is Folk as an art form played with a conviction of sensibility and spirit. Their all out abandon of song structure focuses on experimentation, strange but beguiling harmonies and escalating emphasis of drumming, cello, banjo, mandolin, any of a number of home-made instruments, or Dannie’s wildcat snarl. She's got one of those once-in-a-lifetime voices, a collision of pain and triumph, of sounds that tickle and caress the ear and blurts and barks that frighten it. But what is most mesmerizing about the band is their transcendent synergy on stage. All three members of the band have a unique charisma, a comforting strangeness and eccentricity unique to each of them and totally captivating together. During their live performance, they pluck, bow, stomp and wail with leviathan attitude, fierce heart, and painful emotion. Their lyrics, personal and devastatingly honest, combined with the disjointed sampling of sounds, creates music that is commanding, emotionally conflicted and utterly moving.