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The New Year is almost upon us so now seems to be the time to resolve to start doing these every week again. Speaking of the New Year, we are incredibly excited and busy with a few new projects which we will be announcing over the next few weeks (and months). 2010 saw a fairly quiet year for us (other than the decidedly vociferous Wax Fang), but 2011 promises to be more prolific and, dare we say, boisterous.

Our Chanukka sale was a success, so thanks to everyone who purchased something on the site over the last eight days. We hope you enjoy the records, t-shirts, and all the rest that comes with the holiday season. We all got to spend last night in a packed room watching a set of all new Little Teeth material, which was a present in and of itself and a very happy end to Chanukka for us.

Check back next week for more news!

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