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This beautiful record fell into our eager and waiting laps after the late, great Cleveland label Happy Go Lucky closed its doors. The duo of Bob Massey on electric guitar and Amy Dominguez on amplified cello, augmented by the occasional drumming of Devin Ocampo (Smart Went Crazy), took an unusual approach to experimental classical and instrumental rock and fused the results together. The results were lazily compared to the Rachels and the Dirty Three due to the use of stringed instruments, but Telegraph Melts (named after a Jandek record) refused to rest on the oh-so-somber element that is supposedly intrinsic to bowed strings. The band broke-up before a planned remix 12" could be released (though an excellent remix by Mu-ziq will wind-up somewhere as soon as we can pay the guy). Five songs, thirty-five minutes, nothing else like it. (AK004)

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