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The second full length from the fires of San Diego. Ex-Heavy Vegetables Rob Crow and Elea Tenuta are joined here by Jason Soares (Physics) on bass and Mario Rubalcaba (Blackheart Procession, Clikitat Ikatowi) on drums. Lay down your weapons for the war is over but forgive us if we'd like the battles to continue. Pop music goes astray but you can still hear its homing beacon. Now-defunct website Gigmania heard it too on "Mayday," the first song on the album, and gave the band $40,000 in tour support. A lot of good that did them. 19 songs that show Crow at his best since "Frisbie." Includes "O.B.1," "Plenty," "Ketchup Sandwich" and "Rope Swing." (AK003)

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