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This was recorded in 2002 at the end of a painfully short-lived career. Led by vocalist Sue Tompkins - whose chirpy, chatty vocals recall those of early post-punk girl groups like the slits and Liliput/Kleenex - the band sounds like one who have time-traveled, as if they could have been found in the 1978 Rough Trade Records catalog. Descended from the art-school lineage of punk, their sound was simple, stripped-down and jangly, with bits of distortion filling the spaces. Tompkin's half-shouting, half-sung vocals are endearing, and skip long like a schoolgirl taunting her first love on the playground. "B-b-baby, are you using? 'Cause I could use it" she twitters on "Liberty Feelup." Whether she's playfully hopscotching on similar, upbeat tracks, or singing dreaminly (perhaps musing dreamily is more accurate) on tracks like "Love Trinity" with its languid, summer-afternoon feel, it sure sounds as if LWB were having the time of their lives.

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