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Jukeboxer is Brooklyn's Noah Wall and friends. We've been raving about these folks for over a year now, since we first heard their hidden gem of a debut, Jukeboxer Learns The Alphabet, and we are now finally going to release something by them. Organic electronic music of the greatest sort, dwelling between Terry Riley and casio-core, the Magnetic Fields and Morr Music, Tall Dwarfs and (dare I say) Stereolab. This three song 7" EP clocks in at twelve and a half minutes and serves as a welcome teaser to Jukeboxer In The Foodchain, the band's next album, to be released by Absolutely Kosher in 2004. This is also the first 7" we've ever done. Limited to 400 copies worldwide.

SKU: AK032-7
Price: $3.00
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