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Chicago’s Sybris is a quartet of powerful grace, the sound of a battalion of Valkyries astride winged horses bound for Valhalla. The sweep of giant white wings in the wind, the creak of the saddle beneath the weight of warrior goddesses in full regalia, the dreamy, gauzy, glittery haze of the ghosts of the warrior dead behind them floating towards eternal glory. I mean, um, it’s not metal. Rock has got to reclaim all the cool Viking shit from metal. But Chicago winters can be as extreme as those in Nordic lands and Sybris carries all of that on their latest album, Into the Trees. Propelled forward by singer Angela Mullenhour's sugar coated knife-edge voice, a unique entity in itself, brimming with shattering potential and weighted with its own world-weariness, elegant, bruised but never defeated. In fact, the whole outfit is tough as shit, Chicago in a way nobody’s seen for awhile.

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